TECHRIDER SOUND FOR ‘every one everyone’

The sound for the piece is a 9-channel composition from the sound artist Anke Eckardt, played over 9 loudspeaker chassis of different kinds. The speakers are hung in the space as a scultural object in different heights. They face different directions and are angled in that way that they are focused on the ear level of the visitors. The positions of the speakers need to be adapted to each space.


The artist will bring:

  • 9 loudspeaker chassis of different kinds (Visaton/Conrad)
  • a computer with ableton live that runs the 9-channel composition

Requirements from the venue:

  • 9 channels of amplification for the 9 loudspeaker chassis, max. 100 Watt per loudspeaker (Hifi level and volume)
  • 1 professional audio interface: perfect would be 9 separate outputs, minimum is 8 separate outputs + 1 Adapter to split one channel into two + the cable to connect the computer output (firewire 400 or 800) with the interface input
  • cables to connect the 9 audio outputs of the audio interface with the inputs of the amplifiers

This might be brought by the artist or be provided by the venue:

  • speaker cable approx. 20m per loudspeaker (depending on the size of the space)
  • approx. 100m of steel cable to hang the loudspeaker chassis (depending on the height of the space
  • two long steel cables per loudspeaker going up to the truss system of the venue + a short third steel cable of approx. 30cm length connected to the loudspeaker to fix it in the right angle)
  • 54 small consumer clamps to fix the steel cable (6 per loudspeaker)

Funded by / Unterstützt durch

A production by Shannon Cooney in cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds (2013), Canada Council for the Arts (2013), supported by Dance House, Dance Ireland and Ottawa Dance Directive (Canada).  Continuation 2015 funded by the Regierenden Bürgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei - Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.

Eine Produktion von Shannon Cooney in Kooperation mit der Tanzfabrik Berlin, gefördert durch den Hauptstadtkulturfonds (2013), den Canada Council for the Arts (2013), unterstützt durch Dance House, Dance Ireland und Ottawa Dance Directive (Canada). Die Wiederaufnahme 2015 ist gefördert durch den Regierenden Bürgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei - Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.


HAUPTSTADTKULTURFONDSBerlin Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten

Canada Council of the ArtsTanzfabrik Berlin

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